We sell professional 3D printer systems

3D printers enable fast production of three-dimensional models and directly from 3D CAD data. Without geometrical restriction, components of the highest complexity in layers can be created within a few hours. 3D printers have established themselves as the standard tool in development department.

The question is not whether a 3D printers is of benefit, but which 3D printers are best suited for which requirement – because the right tool matters.

Since 1998, we have sold and provided support for professional 3D printer solution from 3D Systems. From consulting to market-conform pricing all the way to our first-class support, we offer customised solutions for your requirements.

3D printers

Since there is no “jack of all trades” and the greatest benefit is only in the requirement-related selection of the technology, we accompany you from technology selection (requirement definition, benchmarking, etc.) to procurement (complete packages, customer-specific system solutions) all the way to service, support and operating equipment supply.

3D printers of the market leader 3D Systems

Our 3D printer portfolio includes the 3D printer product line of the 
ProJet X60 printer system with the CJP – colour jet printing method as well as the ProJet MJP 3600 3D printers on the basis of the MJP – multi jet printing method.

The ProJet X60 3D printers – also known as ZPrinters – are distinguished by the unique colour prints and offer high printing speed at affordable operating costs. Typical applications are models for design, form finding, version testing, presentations and communication. 
The ProJet MJP 3600 3D printers stand out due to their outstanding detail, resolution, surface quality and accuracy. Typical applications are high-precision, high-resolution prototypes from design to engineering.

With our team, support about 150 customers from sole proprietors to groups from nearly all industries. Feel free to get in touch with us and use our experience and know-how for your 3D printing application.