ZPrinter-ProJet x60 3D printer

The ZPrinter-ProJet x60 3D printers generate layers of monochrome (ProJet 360) and full colour 3D models (ProJet 260C, 460Plus, 660Pro, 860Pro) directly from your CAD data.

The enormous productivity, affordable operating costs and easy operation of the ZPrinter enable economical access to comprehensible models during the early engineering phase already and thus help adhere to development schedules while promoting the creativity of developers through efficient version testing and lowering costs. Colour as an information carrier provides additional options for the communication with partners and suppliers as well as for presentation and marketing.

Overview of all models

ProJet 660Pro
ProJet 660Pro
ProJet 260C
ProJet 260C
ProJet 360
ProJet 360
ProJet 460Plus
ProJet 460Plus
ProJet 860Pro
ProJet 860Pro

3D colour printing in the powder bed

The ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology of the manufacturer 3D Systems – previously also known as ZPrinter – works through the layer by layer solidification of a powder material through printing on liquid binder. The surrounding powder material takes on the supporting function for complex and undercutting geometries during the printing process. After the printing process, the unprinted powder material is simply blown off in the printer, filtered and returned to the powder reservoir for the next print run. There is no subsequent removal of a supporting geometry which reduces effort as well as material consumption and thus also costs. With ZPrinters, the complete installation space can be used and components arranged quickly and easily next to each other, overlapping and stacked in the 3D Print User software and then printed out quickly and efficiently in one operational step. Models can be sealed after the printing process through infiltration. This improves colour brilliance, makes special material requirements possible and models can be processed further, e.g. with grinding, drilling, etc.

Main advantages of ZPrinters

  • High printing speed
  • Unbeatable productivity
  • Large installation space
  • Affordable operating costs
  • Full colour printing
  • High resolution
  • Easy operation


  • Display models
  • Version testing
  • Parts fitting and assembly examinations
  • Presentation models
  • Trade fair models

ProJet x60 3D printer overview for download

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