3D colour printing – colour models with the 3D printer ZPrinter-ProJet

ColorJet Printing (CJP) is the only procedure to directly produce multicolour models. The functionality is similar to that of an “inkjet printer with a z axis”, and with it, the ZPrinter-ProJet 3D printers create models through the layer by layer printing of colour binder on a gypsum-based powder material. The complete range of colours all the way to photorealistic textures is possible here. Subsequent colouring is no longer necessary. 

Colour as an additional information carrier opens undreamed-of options, especially for presentation and communication.

ColorJet Printing (CJP)

The ZPrinter-ProJet 3D printer systems (450 and 660Pro) are available for your projects:  

  • Maximum component size: 381 x 254 x 203 mm
  • File formats: 
  • STL format (model colour monochrome white)
  • VRML format (colour printing)
  • Minimum wall thickness: 0.8 mm (geometry-dependent)
  • Minimum detail display: 0.15 mm (via colour differentiation)
  • Coating thickness: 0.1 mm
  • Material: Polymer-plaster
  • Typical delivery times: starting at 1–2 work days
  • Main applications:
    View of form finding
    Version testing

Technology flyer and application examples for download