PolyJet 3D printing

This 3D printer prints acrylic resin layers with a thickness of 0.03 or even 0.016 mm directly on the building platform with PolyJet technology. Overhangs, openings and cross holes are filled with a supporting jelly during the process. These systems work very fast.

Unique characteristics of PolyJet 3D printing are the nearly unlimited possibilities to combine different materials and colors in one printing process. By mixing up to 6 different materials different material properties as well as up to 360.000 colors can be realized.

Main applications for PolyJet models therefore are design, presentation and trade show models.

Precision prototypes with PolyJet technology

We produce your projects with the PolyJet systems J750 and Eden500: 

  • Maximum component size: 485 x 385 x 200 mm
  • File format: STEP or IGES data are expedient for your request
  • Minimum wall thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Coating thickness: 0.016 and 0.03 mm
  • Materials: FullCure 720, VERO materials, TANGO materials - different materials can be combined
  • Main applications: Prototype building, models for presentations, trade shows and training purposes

Technology flyer for download