Selective laser sintering (SLS)

Pre-heated polyamide powder (PA) layers with a thickness of 0.1 mm are melted into model parts with a laser.

If prototype parts are to be used e.g. for parts fitting examinations or functions test, then this 3D printing procedure is always a good choice

Functional prototypes and more via laser sintering

We have the Sinterstation PRO SLS 230 along with two additional sintering systems for your projects.

  • Maximum component size for unfilled PA: 485x485x700 mm
  • Maximum component size for filled PA: 340x295x350 mm
  • Minimum detail size: Should not be less than 1x1 mm in order to retain detail stability.
  • File format: STEP or IGES data are expedient for your request
  • Materials: PA 12 unfilled
    PA 12 filled with glass beads

Technology flyer for download