About us

WE, the team of 20 members of the company 4D Concepts GmbH, founded in 1995 by Grad. Eng. Rainer Neumann, will provide professional assistance from your idea to the design, the prototype and all the way to the production of a small-scale series.

WE additionally sell 3D printer systems from 3D Systems for professional users. From consulting to market-conform pricing all the way to our first-class service and support, we offer customised solutions for your special requirements. Just contact us.

WE make your wishes come true. Everything from a single source – us.

4D Concepts is located in Groß-Gerau in the heart of the Rhein-Main area.

WE are among the leading service providers in 3D printing and rapid prototyping. Our customers come from all industries.

WE use different 3D CAD programs together with the modelling system Geomagic Freeform Plus for our designs.

WE use different layered manufacturing methods like 3D printing (3D colour printing, MultiJet 3D printing (MultiJet Printing / MJP), PolyJet 3D printing) and the technologies stereolithography (SLA) and laser sintering (SLS / selective laser sintering), which are today included in the term 3D printing, to realise your projects.

WE offer CNC milling as well as the duplication processes vacuum casting and reaction injection moulding (RIM / low-pressure spraying) for the production of small-scale series with close-to-production material properties.