4D Concepts sinters protecting spirits

Sunday, 01.11.2020

The bran puke

Bran puke was part of the bolter in old flour mills. The bolter held the grist that fell from the stone grinding tunnel and was passed through a bag tube. The flour fell through the fabric of the bag into the bolter, the thicker parts of the grist, then uniformly called bran, fell from the bran puke into a vat. The often elaborately carved, mostly grimaceous faces with open mouths were also the protecting spirits of the mills. The working and attendance time in the mills was "around the clock". Millers and mill boys had to be ready for work at any time of the day or night. In return, they were allowed to sleep during the day as long as everything was going well. Now imagine: the mills were often hidden in the forest or - like the ship mill in Ginsheim - outside the village on the river. At night, the funnel reports to the millstone and calls for refilling. Not only is it dark outside, it can also be stormy, with rain pelting the roof. Then the old miller's saying comes to mind: "The miller's life was given by God, but ... grinding during the night was invented by the devil." Phew, even the devil is involved. It can give you a lot of creep. But: the miller is not afraid: he has the bran puke as a protector. And he helps. He even helps reliably, the bran puke. You just have to believe in him! Maybe it even helps against Corona! Stay healthy! The ship mill in 65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg is open for your visit on the weekend between 2pm and 6pm. There you can see the original bran puke and the models sintered by 4D as a fridge magnet live and you can even buy the fridge magnet as a souvenir. And if you can't wait, you can watch the post by hallo hessen from August 2nd, 2019 about the Ginsheim ship mill here! Have fun! http://schiffsmuehle-ginsheim.de