Contact persons

We will be happy to answer your questions and handle all your prototype, 3D printing and 3D printer projects.

Project manager

Ralf Schuchmann

Managing Director

Phone: +49-6152-9231-40

E-mail: rs[at]

Dipl.-Ing. Alex Di Maglie

Managing Director

Phone: +49-6152-9231-37

E-mail: ad[at]

Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Schulze

Phone: +49-6152-9231-47

E-mail: os[at]

Ulrich Götz

Model making shop management

Phone: +49-6152-9231-45

E-mail: ug[at]

Peter Olofsson

Freeform Modeling

Phone: +49-6152-9231-36

E-mail: po[at]

Marion Mark

Freeform Modeling

Phone: +49-6152-9231-36

E-mail: mm[at]

Marie Hale

Freeform Modeling

Phone: +49-6152-9231-36

E-mail: mh[at]

3D printer service

Dieter Weigand

3D printer service management

Phone: +49-6152-9231-35
E-mail: dw[at]

Mathias Quoß

3D printer service engineer

Phone: +49-6152-9231-35
E-mail: mq[at] 


Ulrike Neumann

Managing Director

Telefon: 06152/9231-0
E-Mail: un[at]

Ursula Michels

Assistant and reception desk 3D printer material ordering

Phone: +49-6152-9231-33
E-mail: um[at]

Antje Schulz

Marketing and sales

Phone: +49-6152-9231-32
E-mail: as[at]

Andrea Melzer-Behres

Accounting and human resources

Phone: +49-6152-9231-34
E-Mail: am[at]

Mr. Seelmann

Customer support

Phone: +49-6152-9231-38
E-mail: ss[at]

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